Airport Ligting Cable

voltage: 600V/5000V
Cores: Single
Conductor Material: Stranded copper conductor-Annealed Copper wire
Insulation: Black Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) over semi-conductive stress control layer
Standard: L-824, AC150/5345-7E, and ICEA S-66-524.
Packaging: Wooden Or Iiron Drum
Sample: Sample in stock


Airport Lighting Cable is primarily used for series lighting circuits for runways, control systems, and other multi-purpose installations. It can be used for direct burial, conduit, or raceway. These cables are capable of operating continuously at a conductor temperature not in excess of 90°C for normal operation, 130°C for emergency overload conditions, and 250°C for short circuit conditions. Voltage rating for conductors is 600 volts and 5,000 volts.

Airport Lighting Cable conductors are annealed (soft) copper, compressed 7 strand. 600V cable insulation is an abrasion, moisture, and heat resistant black cross-linked polyethylene. 5kV cable has an extruded semi-conducting cross-linked conductor shield with an abrasion, moisture, heat, and 20-mil track resistant cross-linked polyethylene insulation.

Airport Lighting Cable is a wire which is appropriate many different installations, as in conduit, ducts or direct burial. Airport lighting cable is for use in airport lighting circuits and control circuits. Airport cables come in a single conductor cable, which can be stranded, and soft annealed bare copper with sizes 8 – 4 AWG. Airport Lighting Cable insulation is cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) 5000V * FAA L-824 Type C * ASTM B-3 and B-8. Lighting Cable meets or exceeds FAA Specification L-824, AC150/5345-7E, and ICEA S-66-524.

Airport runway lighting cable are built for usage in between the constant current source and the isolating transformers in the series lighting circuits. Particularly lighting sources such as runways, taxiways, navigational aids, and obstruction lighting (such as LED, Xenon, and Incandescent light fixtures). It is fitted for use in direct burial connections, pulled into metallic or non-metallic conduit (but it is important that it not exceeds the pulling tension and sidewall bearing pressure limits). The XLPE insulated cables are rugged, have excellent abrasion and jam resistance, and are unaffected from de-icing fluid chemicals.

Manufactured in the U.S., and being lead free and RoHS compliant make this cable an attractive solution. It has insulation with top quality black, which is part of sunlight resistant, track-resistant cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), having an optimal balance of electrical and mechanical characteristics assuring extended cable life. Conductor, Class B concentric strand soft drawn annealed copper per ASTM.

Airport Ligting Cable speicifications

Recommended Sample Specification:
Cable shall be FAA L-824, Type C, suitable for operation at 600 volts or 5kV in wet or dry locations. Conductors shall be
annealed (soft) copper, compressed 7 strand. 600V cable insulation shall be abrasion, moisture, and heat resistant black
cross-linked polyethylene. 5kV cable shall have a 20 mil extruded cross-linked polyethylene conductor shield. 5kV cable shall
have an abrasion, moisture, heat, and track resistant cross-linked polyethylene. Cable shall be printed with conductor size,
manufacturer, voltage, and FAA-L-824, Type C.

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