Individual Screen Armoured Control Cable

Conductor: Concentric Stranded annealed copper wire
Insulation: PVC Black color
Core: 2-30 Core
Identification: Printed White number on the surface of Black insulation
Filler: Suitable filler
Binding tape: Suitable tape
Inner sheath: PVC Black color
Armour: Galvanized steel wire
Binding tape: Suitable tape
Outer Sheath: PVC Black color
Application: For use in duct, tray and for direct burying in ground. The cable subjects to immerse in water all the line.

Application: Used as power and connecting cables in mechanical engineering for tooling machinery, control unit, production lines, transportation equipment, conveyor and assembly lines as well as in plant construction.

1: AC rated voltageU0/U:300/500V. Long term working temperature of cable conductor is 70oC & 105oC for cable with PVC insulation, 70oC for cable with PE insulation and 90oC for cable with XLPE insulation.(XLPE insulation includes saline XLPE & irradiation XLPE insulation.)
2: Min. environment temperature is -40oC for fixed ?laying and -15oC for non-fixed laying. Environment temperature shall be no less than 0oC for installing.
3: Min.bending radius allowed by cable is no less than 6 times that of cable OD for non-armored soft cable or braided shielding cable and 12 times that of cable OD for cable with metallic tape wrapped shielding or steel wire/steel tape armor.

BS4937 International thermocouple reference tables. Extension & compensating cables. Tolerances and identification

Technical information:
Conductor: Bare stranded copper conductor–class 5 IEC228; ? ?Insulation/Sheath: PVC or PVC of flame retardance and other property,Operating temperature: 70°C

1.the cable can be with copper braided screen or steel wire armor and other features.
2.The cable can be of flame retardance, fire resistance and environment friendly or other property.

4 Core CVV-S 0.6/1KV Control Cable Technical Parameter
5 Core CVV-S 0.6/1KV Control Cable Technical Parameter
6 Core CVV-S 0.6/1KV Control Cable Technical Parameter
7 Core CVV-S 0.6/1KV Control Cable Technical Parameter
8 Core CVV-S 0.6/1KV Control Cable Technical Parameter

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